2016 March Society for Applied Anthropology Podcasted Panel and the Brasilian Studies Association Meeting

Susan Crate selected the panel Kimberly Marion Suiseeya and I organized as one of the Climate Change events for the 2016 SFAA meeting, held in Vancouver, BC. The panel, entitled Environmental Anthropology and Climate Change: Methodological Innovations and Advancements for Social Science in the Digital Age, had the following presentations:

WILMOT, Fiona (Independent) Mangrove Matters?: A Foray into Proproots Post-Modernism

KITNER, Kathi R. (Intel Labs) A Collaborative Collage: The Human Side of the Internet of Things

WENTWORTH, Chelsea (High Point U) Using Visual Cognitive Elicitation in Environmental Anthropology

ZANOTTI, Laura and SUISEEYA, Kimberly R. Marion (Purdue U) From Presence to Influence: Examining the Politics of Indigenous Representation in Global Environmental Governance

STACKWACKER, Coleen Ann (National Snow and Ice Data Center) From Bugs to Archaeology to Sagas: Discovering and Integrating Data to Study the Long-Term Human Ecodynamics of the North Atlantic

We were selected as one of the podcasted panels of the event. Listen here:


Shortly after arriving in Vancouver, I traveled to Providence, RI to attend the 2016 Brasilian Studies Association Meeting held at Brown University in Providence, RI. Contribute to a multi-authored presentation led by Dr. Janet Chernela entitled, “It Takes a Village: Multivocality in an Innovative Study Program in Brazil.” Presented, with contributions from Matthew Aruch, a paper entitled, “NatureCultures: Late Liberalism & Study Abroad Program in Brazil.”  For more about the conference and the program, see here