Click above for my full CV. Here is a quick glance of selected grants/awards, publications, and talks:

Talks - Listen and Watch

Xingu Forever Alive. Environmental Justice Workshop. Center for the Environment, Purdue University, April 2014.

Zanotti, L. and K.R. Marion Suiseeya. 2016. "Methods for examining pathways to influence in global environmental governance." Paper presented at the 76th Annual Meeting of the Society for Applied Anthropology, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. March 31, 2016. 

Co-producing knowledge and community-research relationships: Reflections from the Leadership and Strength Project. Laura Zanotti, Courtney Carothers, Charlene Apok, Sarah Huang, Charlotte Ambrozek with local project advisors and Participants. Global Environmental Change Threats to Heritage and Long Term Observing Networks of the Past: The Arctic Case and Beyond Workshop. IUCN World Conservation Congress. September 2016.

Creative Works

Teaching Tools, called "Teaching Electronic Life Histories" by Laura Zanotti, H. Kory Cooper and Shannon McMullen. Here is the link:

Clemons, Tammy, A.J. Faas, Taylor R. Genovese, Carol Hendrickson, Alejandro Ponce De Leon, Brooke Scelza, Nancy White, Laura Zanotti, Doug Bafford, Susan Mazur-Stommen, Claire-Marie Hefner, Michael T. Balonek, and Ashley Stinnett. 2018. “What’s in Your Bag, Anthropologists?” Anthropology News website, July 18, 2018. DOI: 10.1111/AN.929

Selected Research Grants & Awards

National Science Foundation. April 2017 – June 2020. “Co-producing environmental conservation and social equity: Is conditionality in Payments for Ecosystem Services a necessity or impediment?.” (PI Zhao Ma with Co-PIs Jonathan Bauchet, Ricardo Godoy, Claudia Radel, and Laura Zanotti)

Purdue Policy Research Institute, Faculty Policy Fellow, Purdue University, 2016-2017

Center for the Environment, Purdue University Seed Grant. Presence to Influence: examining the politics of representation in global environmental governance with Dr. Kimberly Marion-Suiseeya (Northwestern University). 2016 wor

Antropologia Colaborativa e Capacitação Comunitária: a tradução de tecnologias audiovisuais no processo de afirmação étnica do povo indígena Mebêngôkre-Kayapo da aldeia A’Ukre (PA). Edital PROEXT 2016 do CNPq. PI Diego Soares da Silveira. Co-PI L Zanotti. 2015

Water Security in the Amazon: Indigenous Lands, Conservation Issues, and Freshwater Resources. Exploratory Research in the Social Sciences. College of Liberal Arts. Ethnographic Field Methods Service Learning Grant. College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University.  2014

Using Cash Transfers to promote ecosystem Services and Sustainable livelihoods.  What is the role of conditionality? Center for the Environment Seed Grant. Co-PI. 2014

Local and Global Perspectives on E-Waste: Integrating the Humanities, Social Sciences and Engineering to Examine the Life Cycle of Electronics. Mellon Grand Challenge Exploratory Award, Purdue University. Co-PI. 2014

Community Engagement Grant. Self-Determination in a Digital Age: Indigenous Media at the nexus of Science, Technology, and Film. College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University. 2013

National Science Foundation Office of Polar Programs Grant. Gender, Environment, and Change: Exploring Shifting Roles in an Iñupiat Community. PI Laura Zanotti, Co-PI Courtney Carothers. 2013

Selected Publications


Zanotti, Laura. 2016. Radical Territories in the Brazilian Amazon: The Kayapó’s Fight for Just Livelihoods. Tucson: University of Arizona Press.

Dawson, Allan Charles, Laura Zanotti, and Ismael Vaccaro, eds. 2014. Negotiating Territoriality: Spatial Dialogues between State and Tradition. New York: Routledge.


Zanotti, Laura. 2018. What’s in Your Field Bag? American Anthropologist. Non-peer reviewed.

Ramón Parra, Ingrid, Laura Zanotti, and Diego Soares. 2018. Making Media: Gendered and Generational Shifts in Kayapó Digital Worlds. Richard Pace (Ed.): From Filmmaker Warriors to Flash Drive Shamans. Nashville: University of Vanderbilt Press.

Johnson, Jennifer, Zanotti, Laura, Ma, Zhao, Yu, David, Johnson David R., Kirkham, Alison, Carothers, Courtney. 2018.  Interplays of Sustainability, Resilience, Adaptation, and Transformation. World Sustainability Series, Walter Leal Filho et al. (Eds): Handbook of Sustainability and Social Science Research. Springer.

Ma, Zhao, Bauchet, Jonathan, Steele, Diana, Godoy, Ricardo, Radel, Claudia, and Laura Zanotti. 2017. Comparison of Direct Transfers for Human Capital Development and Environmental Conservation. World Development 99:498-517.

Zanotti, Laura and Marcela Palomino-Schalscha. 2016. Taking different ways of knowing seriously: Implications and challenges for non-Indigenous researchers working with Indigenous Peoples Sustainability Science  11(1):139-152. 

Subramaniam, Mangala and Laura Zanotti. 2016. Introductory Essay: Environmental Justice-Just Livelihoods. Politics, Groups and Identities Special Issue 3(4):649-654.

Zanotti, Laura. 2016. Water and Life: Hydroelectric Development and Indigenous Pathways to Justice in the Brazilian Amazon. Politics, Groups and Identities Special Issue 3(4):666-672.

Davis, Reade and Laura Zanotti.  2014. Hybrid Landscapes: Science, Conservation, and the Production of Nature. Anthropological Quarterly  87(3):601-611.

Chernela, Janet and Laura Zanotti.  2014. Limits to Knowledge: Partnering between Indigenous Peoples and NGOs in the Eastern Amazon of Brazil. Conservation and Society 12(3):306-317.

Zanotti, Laura. 2013. Gender and Resistance Strategies: An Analysis of Protests, Participation and Power in the Brazilian Amazon. Gender, Place and Culture 20(3):346-362.

Zanotti, Laura. 2014. Hybrid Natures?: Community Conservation Partnerships in the Kayapó Lands. Anthropological Quarterly 87(3):665-693.

Zanotti, Laura. 2014. Political Ecology of Movement and Travel:  Territorialities and Place-making among the Kayapó.Journal of Political Ecology 21.